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Livraison et Expédition - UK and outside of EU

Delivery Outside of France and the EU
Please note that it is possible to send outside of France and the EU. It is also possible to charge you EX VAT for certain destinations. Our system currently does not allow us to do this automatically.
As you are liable to pay VAT and excise duties upon delivery there are two solutions:
1. You pay via the website and we will reimburse the VAT on your order for destinations where this is applicable. Please note that the transport cost is displayed ex VAT already, therefore it is only the VAT on the goods. If your order includes Champagne a Certificate of Origin is required. The cost of this is 10€ and will be deducted from the VAT that we will reimburse. 
2. You contact us with the order that you would like to place and we will send you the invoice ex VAT to be paid either via a link or by bank transfer. If your order contains Champagne, a Certificate of Origin is required. The cost of the certificate is 10€ and willbe added to the invoice. Please note that the transport costs displayed at checkout is already presented ex VAT. 

Delivery UK
Delivery costs are calculated on the number of bottles and the weight. They are already displayed ex VAT.
Delivery is standard delivery and times can vary depending on Customs.
Delivery is DAP (Delivered at Place). This means you are liable for paying all import costs associated with your order:
    Import Duty which is 20%
    Excise Duties which depend on alcohol content but are roughly 2,70€ per bottle
    Any administration costs that may be applied by Customs.
We prefer to dispatch on Mondays in order to avoid orders being stuck in customs over the weekend. 
During the summer we prefer to delay delivery when there are extreme temperatures. 
However if you wish for orders to be dispatched immediately this is possible as well. 

We deliver to the address that the buyer has provided. The parcel is dispatched via transport companies such as UPS, FedEx and Colissimo. 
If you are not available to receive the delivery you must notify the delivery company or ourselves to find an alternative delivery point. If the delay for collecting or delivering the package the goods are sent back to us and there is a surcharge that must be paid which is equivalent to the delivery costs.
The parcels are all packaged in solid packaging that is designed for the sending of bottles. 
If a package seems damaged please refuse the delivery and contact us immediately. Take photos if possible.

Circonstances exceptionnelles
La société SARL CAVE DU PALAIS ne peut être tenue responsable des pertes, dommages, erreurs ou défaut de livraison dès lors qu’il serait établi l’existence d’une ou plusieurs circonstances dites « exceptionnelles », déchargeant le vendeur de ses obligations, telles que :
- les cas fortuits ou de force majeure, à savoir notamment : tout événement climatique (tempête, cyclones, tremblements de terre, inondations, etc.) ou tout autre événement (accident routier, maritime ou aérien ; embargos, guerres, grèves, etc.) exceptionnel ;
- tous défauts ou particularités liés à la nature de l’envoi quand bien même ils auraient été connus au moment de l’acceptation de commande par SARL CAVE DU PALAIS;
- tout acte, carence ou négligence de tout tiers, par exemple : l’expéditeur, le destinataire, tout tiers intéressé, tout employé administratif, tous services postaux, tout transporteur ou tout autre tiers à qui l’envoi serait confié par notre prestataire de transport pour desservir des secteurs non desservis directement par lui-même, et ce, quand bien même l’expéditeur n’aurait pas demandé ou été informé du recours à un tiers ;
- tout dommage causé par des phénomènes électriques ou magnétiques.